With over 100 years of manufacturing commercial vehicles, we have a rich and storied history.

Pushing the boundaries

Starting in Adelaide around 100 years ago, ABM has continuously manufactured commercial buses for the South Australia, ACT, NSW, and Tasmania governments. ABM has had such a long and storied history due to its ability to manufacture vehicles with extensive service lives, as well as always being willing to push the boundaries for new innovations that can be integrated into its next line of vehicles.

Our passion for reusable energy

100% Australian-owned, back in 2010 ABM developed the first commercial hybrid bus in Australia, and its passion for reusable energy in its vehicles hasn’t waned in the slightest.

ABM sees the era of fossil fuels beginning to take its first steps towards its inevitable end, and so realises electric vehicles are the optimal choice for both the community and the environment moving forward. Less waste products and pollution are better outcomes for the planet, and a more sustainable option to ensure future generations live in a cleaner world.

Sustainability as a core value

ABM doesn’t simply talk the talk, it walks the walk – or drives the drive!

Not only do we manufacture sustainable vans and buses meeting compliance with all Australian and international standards, we also recognise sustainability in each and every aspect of our operations, delivering outcomes to benefit the living environment.

Cost-effective to own and operate

Hard-working Aussies want hard-working, reliable vehicles that minimise costs and downtime.

ABM’s customers make deliveries to government, businesses, and homes across Australia. These businesses need to operate commercial vehicles which are cost-effective to own and operate. Hard-working Aussies want hard-working, reliable vehicles that minimise costs and downtime. The truth of the matter is, your commercial van or bus is often the key tool to ensuring your work requirements are supported and maintained.

Quality Commercial Vehicles for a New Living Space

If you’re considering commercial parcel vehicles for large corporate fleets, SME company fleets, or even owner-operator businesses, ABM’s brand new low-emission service vehicles cover all your bases.

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