Why choose ABM?


Sustainable and Eco-friendly

As ABM’s electric parcel vans produce absolutely no carbon dioxide or other noxious emissions when transporting your valuable packaged goods, eventual widespread adoption will improve air quality in cities, as well as providing you with the knowledge your business is doing its best to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible.


Cost-Effective Transport

ABM New Energy Vehicles cost a lot less to run than typical fossil fuel alternatives. Electricity is far less expensive than petrol or diesel, and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum due to less moving components. You don’t have to be as hard on the brakes either! Also, some ABM vehicles have timers allowing you to charge during off-peak electricity periods.


Brand Image and Marketing

What better way to differentiate your business from competitors than by showing your customers you’re a socially conscious organisation who doesn’t focus solely on profits and dividends. Clean-technology vehicles offer a crisp and clean image to your prospective clientele.


A Smooth and Quiet Ride

When compared to their diesel engine counterparts, fully-electric package delivery vans are incredibly quiet. This means drivers contend with less noise and vibration, while also being able to make deliveries at times of the day when conventional diesel vans could potentially disrupt a peaceful neighbourhood environment.


Vehicle Performance

Ever seen the videos of fully-electric cars taking off from the line like a bat out of hell – leaving expensive supercars in the dust? Instant torque results in smooth and rapid gear shifts, and as most parcel vans spend their time in the city driving in stop/start traffic, ABM parcel vans’ automatic transmissions offer speedy delivery driving.


Modern Conveniences

New Energy Vehicles offer unique features, such as being able to set the A/C to your desired temperature when charging your van. If you live in a colder region like the ACT, Tasmania, or the Great Dividing Range, when you start work on a winter’s morning you’ll no longer need to sit and wait for your vehicle to defrost.

Quality Commercial Vehicles for a New Living Space

If you’re considering commercial vehicles for large corporate fleets, SME company fleets, or even owner-operator businesses, ABM’s brand new low-emission service vehicles cover all your bases.

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